In this post I will share you with some pro-tips & trics that will increase your chance of booking confirm Tatkal Ticket. The reservation under tatkal scheme will open at 10am on the previous day of journey from train originating station for AC classes whereas that for non-AC classes will start at 11am on the previous day of journey from train originating station.

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From 15/06/2015 Tatkal Ticket booking opens at different time for AC and Non-Ac class. For AC class booking start at 10 AM and for Non-Ac booking starts at 11 AM.
Tatkal Quota code has been changed from CK to TQ and CKWL to TQWL

  • Download Tatkal Plus addon for Firefox or Chrome. It will automatically fill all the details during booking and will save your time. It will also disable advertisement on IRCTC website thus page will load faster.
  • Create more than one credentials for booking tatkal ticket. IRCTC doesn't allow multiple login from same id. To increase your chances of getting confirm ticket, you must have more than one IRCTC user id ready. If you don't have more than 1, get one from friend or family. Latest IRCTC Takal Plus addon for chrome allow you to login to more than one account in same browser at same time.
  • Try booking in both Tatkal and Premium tatkal quota. At the time when booking start, both Tatkal and Premium Tatkal quota seats are of same price. You should try to book in both. If you reach payment page while booking through Premium tatkal quota early, your ticket will not cost much. Please do check if Premium tatkal is available for your train or not.
  • Make sure tatkal quota for your journey opens one day in advance. If the train reaches your boarding station on second day or third day, tatkal ticket might open two or more days in advance.
  • For AC classes, try booking in 2A (second ac) first. For most of the routes, 2A gets filled less quickly than 3A inspite of lesser berths because ticket cost higher and also people have mentality that due to less ticket there is less chances of getting confirm seats.
  • Try to book in more than one train. You should parallely start booking in more than one train. This will increase your chances of booking
  • To book more than 2 tatkal ticket, Reconnect your connection. IRCTC allow oly two PNR per IP address. If you have already booked 2, to obtain a new ip address, disconnect you connection and reconnect again. For mobile device, turn of mobile data and turn it on again. For wifi/broadband, turn the router off and turn on it again.
  • Avoid using shared network or Public Cafe. Public network/Office network/Cafe share only one IP address with all the computer, there are chances that other have already booked ticket using the same network and thus you will not be allowed to book ticket.
  • Try using faster payment method. It is observed that debit card works fast during AC booking but Netbanking is faster during Non-Ac booking. Wallet payment using Paytm/Freecharge are also faster.
  • Keep your phone unlocked If you are using payment method that needs otp keep your phone unlocked. If you are using SBI Netbanking, download SBI OTP application and open it before bookign starts.
  • General waiting list (GNWL) is favoured over tatkal waiting list (TQWL) at the time of chart preparation.