This tutorial will guide you through every step you need to follow to book Tatkal Ticket using Tatkal Plus extension. Tatkal Plus is the one of the best extension to book Tatkal Ticket. It is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

This tutorial is for Chrome as well as Firefox. Latest version of firefox addon and Chrome extension works in similar way.

What you need to book a Tatkal Ticket?

  • PC/Laptop: You will need a computer with operating system Windows/Linux/Mac installed.
  • Browser: You will need Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to book tatkal ticket. Both are free browser.
  • Stable Internet Connection: You should have a stable internet connection with atleast 4mbps speed.
  • Tatkal Plus: It is the best software available to book tatkal ticket online.

Download Tatkal Plus Extension

Indian railways tatkal ticket are in huge demand and so it is really tough to book ticket. Most of the tickets are booked within 1 or 2 minutes of booking start time. If you try to manually fill all the details manually there is little chance you will succeed.
To solve this issue, Download Tatkal Plus software. It will auto fill all the details during tatkal booking. IRCTC allow only one login but by using this software you can login to multiple IRCTC account at same time in same browser.

Tatkal Plus Menu

In the browser toolbar look for Tatkal Plus icon (Tatkal Plus icon). Click on the icon to open the menu. Follwing menu items are present.
  • Book Ticket: This menu item will open a form where you need to fill all the details
  • IRCTC: This menu item will open IRCTC website and will book ticket using PLAN 1. Don't worry if you don't understand about Plans. We will tell you later in the guide.
  • PNR Status: This will open Indian Railway website for PNR enquiry
  • Train Status: This will open Indian Railway Train enquiry website
  • How to book: This will open this guide.
  • On/Off Switch: This can be used to activate/deactivate Tatkal Plus addon. Green Icon signifies active. Red Icon means deactive.
  • Help Icon: This will open list of Frequently Asked Questions.
Tatkal Plus Chrome menu

Book Ticket Menu

In the Tatkal Plus menu click on the Book Ticket option.
Following page will be shown to you depending on your status:
  • Login/Register: If you are not logged into irctctatkal, you will be asked to log in. If you don't have Tatkal Plus account, you can create one.
  • Subsciptions: If you are logged in but have not subscribed or your subscription have expired, You will be shown available plans for subscription. Click on your suitable plan to subscribe.
  • Book Ticket Form: If you are logged in and subscribed, you will see book ticket form like below.

Save login details

Click on the Login tab to open login details form. You can save upto 6 IRCTC Username and Password. Choose user to edit by selecting User 1 - User 6 from first option. All the details will be automatically saved, you don't need to click any button to save. You can choose Captcha as well as OTP option to login to IRCTC website.
Tatkal Plus login form

Save Journey details

Click on the Journey tab to open journey details form. You can save upto 6 Journey details. Choose journey to edit by selecting Journey 1 - Journey 6 from first option. All the details will be automatically saved, you don't need to click any button to save.
  • Source/Destination station: Source and destination station name must be choosen from dropdown. Don't enter only station code.
  • Train Number: After entering source and destination station name, click on train number box. You will be shown train list. Click on the Coach type (SL/3A/CC) to enter train number and coach details.
Tatkal Plus Journey form

Save Passengers details

Click on the Passengers tab to open passengers details form. You can save upto 12 Passengers details. After entering the passengers details, Do not forgot to click on the Save passengers button. Passengers details are not automatically saved. You can save your favourite passenger details here. The passenger for which ticket will be booked will be selected under Plan tab. Consider this list as place to save frequently used passenger details.

Tatkal Plus Passenger form

Save Payment details

Click on the Payment tab to open payment details form. You can save upto 6 payment details. Choose payment to edit by selecting Payment 1 - Payment 6 from first option. All the details will be automatically saved, you don't need to click any button to save.
Tatkal Plus Payment form

Save Plans and Book Ticket

Click on the Plan tab to open Plan form. You can save and book upto 6 Plans. After entering the plan details, Do not forgot to click on the Save Plan button.
After saving a plan you can book it by clicking on Save & Book button. It will open a new tab where your ticket will be booked. You can similarly book any other plan, each plan will open in seperate tab and no session will get logout. Don't forgot to use different IRCTC User ID for each plan.

Tatkal Plus Plan form